The Goodness of God

The Goodness of God

Call it what you want... fate, coincidence, by chance, serendipity....I call it the goodness of God! If you didn’t know, Texas was hit by a major snow storm last week, it sure WAS!

Side note: we are very grateful that we had minimal damage, power outages and water problems. So many of our Texas friends and families that have suffered such loss. We are continuing to pray every day.

As a florist we prepare for our “super bowl” if you will, which is Valentine’s Day months in advance. Creating the perfect arrangements, naming them, ordering the flowers, the greens, the vases and the list goes on and on. Continually, as much as you think you prepare for this day, you aren’t really all that prepared.

This year we decided to be opened on Sunday (which we normally are not) and it just so happened that, that is the day SNOVID decided to rear its ugly head...well, needless to say, we couldn’t open our storefront! However, we did end up with 40 deliveries that very day. The rest of the week we had to be closed with everyone else in the state of Texas!! Yes, you heard that! A week!!! Anyhow, here’s where things get tricky.

We had a wedding for one of our absolute most fave customers ever on Friday Feb. 19th. Remember the whole state of Texas being closed?!? Including airports which is where we get our flowers for weddings and events!! So, needless to say the wedding was still a go and we needed to move in that direction quickly.

All the flowers that we had left over from Valentine’s Day the same colors that our precious bride wanted (with an exception of a couple flowers we weren’t able to get)! Now, tell me- that is the goodness of God?!? Right? I reached out to our girl and explained everything that was going on and she extended grace, pure grace. The goodness of God?!? Yes, I believe so. Again!

There was one particular area in the chapel that she had a vision for but we didn’t have the greenery for nor could we find it. We reached out other flower friends and to other vendors and no one had any due to the freeze and current weather conditions.

That Friday morning as we loaded up our vans for take off I decided to give it one more try. I reached out again to one more person and she said, “I have half of an old bag, that you are welcome to” at that moment our team gathered up for prayer time and we asked God to just lay his hands on that bag and make it just enough and that it would be green and lush.

We made a quick detour to pick up the bag of greenery and guess what?!? Yes, thank you for saying it....the goodness of God. The greenery was green, full and beautiful and more than enough (haha, not surprised because- duh- the goodness of God!!)

We got to the venue with 100% clear roads! We set up the most beautiful wedding for the most beautiful couple. We were honored to be a part of such a precious day. Where grace is extended, grace is received. That would be the case for this wedding as a whole. I know that the same grace that was extended to us was extended to every single vendor that day as well. Later that night, I received a message from the bride....”we love you guys” Wow... the goodness and grace of God! We love her and all of our Flourish family that makes this ALL possible.



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