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Flourish is the product of big dreams, quiet prayers, and sewn seeds all springing to life at once. The story begins with a momma who had a hidden dream of owning a small business of her own. Cynthia, a wife and mother of 5 kiddos, put her own dreams on hold until the time was just right. Although she had a dream that was “dormant, it was far from dead.” It was a dream that had so much life to it, but it was just a matter of when it would be birthed. 

In early 2017 Cynthia’s daughter asked her, “What are you going to do, mom? You’ve taken care of everyone for years and we’re about to leave the house. So, what will you do for yourself?” Something about this question hit Cynthia’s heart. The gift that she had been stewarding, the art that she had been practicing, the talent that she had been tending to… It was finally time to make her dream a reality and to step into her calling.  

Soon after, Cynthia took the leap of faith. She started Flourish Flowers and Gifts. The humble beginnings took place in Farmers Markets, and quickly they were able to secure a small storefront in Old Town Lewisville. Flourish, the name of the quaint business, definitely lives up to its title.

Within the same year, Flourish was booming with business, which meant the small storefront was bursting out of its seams! Flourish was so successful that Cynthia relocated to a bigger storefront about 4 times as large as her first. What was first a dream to create unique bouquets, has now evolved into so much more. Not only does she create and craft beautiful arrangements, but also, she is bringing other people’s dreams to life too. Flourish has endless choices of gifts, is a full-service florist including daily deliveries, and also puts on the most beautiful weddings & events!

Cynthia believes that her business is flourishing because of Jesus’ blessing. Her faith has been an anchor in the hardest of seasons and in the best of seasons. She truly believes that having Jesus at the center of everything, not only in her marriage, and her family, but also in the work-place, has been the catalyst of beauty for her business. Cynthia’s heart cry has always been that she has been blessed to be a blessing, and I can promise you this, that if you give Flourish Flowers and Gifts a try, you will be blessed. The atmosphere itself is full of joy, peace and hope! Not to mention all the goodies you’ll find inside!

Cynthia’s story is one of waiting and reaping. Her dream didn’t happen overnight, but it took years of holding the dream close to her heart, and watching it all unfold slowly. Take courage if you have a dream that seems impossible. We can see that with a little bit of faith, courage, and sometimes a season of waiting produces the most fruitful realities! 

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