Succulent Bar

What once served as an actual bar, now serves as a unique and incredibly fun DIY experience! At our succulent bar, you will find everything you need to create a happy, healthy new house plant or succulent garden. Our team is always there to assist you, but, if you’re a do it yourself-er, you have free reign to create your own individual plant masterpiece.

We provide a wide variety of succulent plants, house plants, cacti, air plants and…..DIRT. With an eclectic mix of pots, planters and add ons there are endless ways to make your new plant pal come to life! We carry several different rocks, colors of sand, glass beads, moss, miniature gnomes and animals, to accent any potted plant. It’s so simple, even your kids can do it!

Succulent Bar Steps:

  • Pick a pot! Pick from our large selection of pots and planters.
  • Pick a plant! There are several options to choose from. Our friendly staff can assist you and help you pick a plant that is just right for you.
  • Add rocks and sand layers for drainage! (This is optional for some plants)
  • Plant your new Plant Pal with the tools and soil provided.
  • Accent your new plant with several options!
  • Show off your Plant Pal! Tag us #flourishflowersandgifts #flourishsucculentbar #flourishplantpal